Location as character in fiction

Last week, my guest post on locations in fiction featured on the fabulous Lucy Mitchell Author blog and I’d like to share further insights about two of my books’ settings (not the privacy and hardware malarkey we’re so used to in the 21st century) with you. Two prominent places appear in my travel romance series,Continue reading “Location as character in fiction”

Book Review: Networking for Writers – Lizzie Chantree

If you’re looking for a fun way to sell more of your books, and to connect with more writers – and readers – then I recommend Lizzie Chantree’s Networking for Writers. Written by the bestselling romance author, whose characters have a variety of intriguing jobs, this guide to navigating the maze of networking available toContinue reading “Book Review: Networking for Writers – Lizzie Chantree”

How can I prioritise my writing?

For the last two months, my number one writing goal has been to complete the first draft of my next book. My word count has probably nudged up 10% in that time; I haven’t measured exactly – I’m a writer, not a mathematician. The point is, I seem to have lost the ability to prioritseContinue reading “How can I prioritise my writing?”

Should freelance writers write for free?

I’m a writer with one foot firmly in the roots of my own history, and that of the wider world – HOW many stories do even our own histories yield? Like many of us, I can form an argument for both sides, considering the decision from the fence with my salted caramel latte. So, we’llContinue reading “Should freelance writers write for free?”